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An HR professional in Infosys planned to make a 90 minute Sanskrit animation movie. He raised Rs 40 lakh from Wishberry, a funding platform, to make his dream come true.

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He got the most creative and talented artists, like a noted music composer Ilayaraja, in portraying the ancient folktale, Punyakoti, via animation.

The music album, movie and the illustrated books would cost up to Rs 2 crore to make.

This piece of art would certainly be a delight to watch.

This 90-minute Sanskrit film is expected to be released in theaters in 2016. It would tell the story of a truth-speaking cow.

For those who do not understand Sanskrit, there would be Sanskrit translation, i.e. the subtitles would be in English.

Co-founder of Wishberry says that the amount raised for this movie is the highest amount ever raised by the company and without any mainstream actors/actresses; this movie has garnered much attention.

It seems that it is the magic of multilingualism that everyone is trying out hands in various languages, for e.g. the tweets of Modi have also gone multilingual. Including Sanskrit, his tweets get translated into various other languages as well.

Furthermore, Wishberry even raised funds for a national-award winning movie, ‘Goonga Pehelwan’ that described the tale about a deaf wrestling champion.

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An HR professional of Infosys is soon going to create 90 minute Sanskrit animation film/movie, by receiving funds from Wishberry for Rs. 40 lakh.

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