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Hyundai has introduced the first ever gasoline-electric car. According to reports, this car would be a challenge to Toyota’s Prius.

This car is expected to be named as the IONIQ. Further, it was said that in Korea, it achieved fuel economy of 52.7 miles/gallon. This is actually equal to 22.4 kms/litre.

The company said that the hybrid car would be available from mid-January. The price of this car is expected to be around 22.9 million won. This is basically the starting price.

To meet the emission regulation, this car is estimated to be a hit.

Hyundai was among those brands that were strongly hit by the diesel car ban in Delhi. May be with such a fuel economic car, it may give a boost to the sales of Hyundai cars.

It is expected that this car would beat the Toyota’s Prius in terms of fuel economy.

Hybrid variants of Sonata and Azera were previously launched. But, this is the first ever car that is made from scratch.

Furthermore, 3 electrified versions might be offered that may include full-electric and plug-in hybrid version.

The plug-in hybrid version might get launched soon in the later months of this year

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