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A new phone has been launched recently in japan that can be easily washed with a soap. Sounds shocking right? But, it’s true.

There is a new phone available now in Japan that is waterproof and soap-proof at the same time. The name of this phone is Digno Rafre.

Earlier the phones available in the country were waterproof. But, they could not be washed by a hand soap. So, if the phone gets dirty in sand or drops in the toilet, then you could just wash them with water. But, now, with such a phone it would be easy for the users to wash that dirty phone with a soap.

According to the reports, the phone is designed in such a way that it can be easily used in bathroom, toilet, kitchen and any outdoor location, where the chances of your phone getting dirty are high.

Further, it is said that the phone comes with a duck-shaped stand made of rubber. This stand is ideal to use to put your phone in it while bathing or doing other work.

Additionally, this amazing phone also has an integrated TV tuner (1seg).

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