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According to a report, language disorders are experienced by every two children in Year 1 class. This affects their learning.

The study or the report says that children have more emotional, social and behavioural problems, when suffering from unexplained language disorders.

Led by Professor Courtenay Norbury, this study has been published in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

It is said that in previous methods, children showing discrepancy in verbal and non-verbal abilities are regarded as to have a language disorder.

According to the professor, the current system puts the children at a double disadvantage – the ones who suffer from verbal and non-verbal difficulties. Also, they get just limited specialist support.

A revised manual for diagnosis has been introduced. Thus, it eliminated the need for non-verbal abilities in children to be co­­­­­­nsidered in the normal range.

Researchers found that with the new definition, the disorders were almost 50% more prevalent than before.

Hence, almost two children in a class of 30 students are generally known to be suffering from language disorder.

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