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These days, the Apple’s upcoming handsets, i.e. the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are in limelight due to their features and launch date that is coming very soon. The ‘S’ handsets are regarded as improvement in the previous year’s phones. These handsets are much more popular in the market.

Some of its features are:

● There is a new access panel to the display. This is regarded as a prerequisite for the Force Touch integration.
● Since, the protective plate on the back is now glued, thus, it may present great challenge for the third party screen repairs
● There is an increase in size of the sides. This might ensure more strength for resisting the bending and flexing of the case.
● Different flex connectors are integrated into the digitizer connectors and LCD which hints at an improved fingerprint sensor.

With such changes, it is evident that apple is quite serious to resolve the bending issue along with other issues as well.

The Day of Launch

The date is still to be confirmed by Apple, but it is surely gonna be a date that will find place in everyone’s diary. However, the launch date is considered to be 9th of September, Wednesday. Reports say that public availability would be September 25.

The Apple TV hardware is likely to be unveiled on Sept. 9. This day the company will also showcase the next-generation iPhone 6s series.

It is expected that Siri voice controls, new Bluetooth touchpad remote and dedicated App Store will be the highlight of the new Apple TV.

Priced at $99 (presumed), Munster estimates that in the company’s revenue forr2016, every 25 million units sold will add just 1% t to the revenue.

New in iPads

It is estimated that a complete new range of iPads would be seen in September. The new iPads will definitely showcase some significant updates, no matter when they arrive.

The latest rumors indicate that the new iPad mini might have improved camera sensors. Also, it may slim down, like the thinner frame of the iPad Air 2.

Faster processor is another likely addition, for supporting the split-screen apps feature.

Let Your Friend Help You Back Up the Data

If you are digitally near to your friends (who use iPhone), then the data, such as photos would be temporarily saved in other’s handsets. If detected by your iPhone that someone you know is nearby, then it will send them a quick notification. With that notification, your friend can help you to back up your data by transferring it temporarily to their iPhone. Any photos or data that was not saved to your iCloud account would be encrypted and sent to your friend for backing it up for you.

Apple Music Concerns

The issue has been fixed that causes music to be hidden. You can now easily add songs to a new playlist. Another issue that got fixed is the problem that causes different artwork to appear on other devices. Now, the iCloud Music Library will not be prevented from turning, as it has been fixed. The issue that resisted the artists to post to Connect has also been fixed. Earlier, while tapping on the Love button did not work as expected. So, it has also been fixed.

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