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Reports have found that learning German language is increasingly becoming a better way to enhance and grow career options. Although European language learning is no longer that popular among school children, yet most of the adults are eyeing upon German language in the job market.

As per a language learning center or institute, there has been a 16% drop in the number of students learning German A-level. This has basically induced an angst among professionals, who believe that since Britain is looking for a future outside the EU, it is moving towards monolingualism.
In 1997, there were almost 34,300 students, who applied for leaning A-level languages in French, Spanish or German. However, the number of applications reduced to 19,200 and 17,505 for the present and next year respectively.
According to London’s Goethe-Institute director, there is a decline in the number of European students coming to the UK, as they might be unaware what Brexit will bring for them. She further adds that “We are seeing an increase of British students who might think they haven’t learned German as a foreign language so far and it makes sense to do it now, as a young professional. They are mostly aged between 18 or 19 to about 30.”
The director continued by saying that learning a foreign language helps not just in communication, but also in understanding the entire world – different languages and cultures.
Learning a language further helps one to understand the culture from which several untranslatable words hail. There are many pitfalls of machine translation. Hence, one should never depend on translation software for understanding different terms in another language.

Further, reports suggest that choosing German language is the best choice, as it opens the gates to several career paths and German universities.

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