Live Larvae in Milk Powder Brings More Trouble For Nestle

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Nestle’s milk powder is reported to consist of live larvae in milk powder for kids. In the past days, nestle has already been the major controversy over the high lead content in Maggi noodles, but it seems that the controversies are not gonna leave the company, as a sample of its milk powder has been reported to be unsafe by the Tamil Nadu Food Safety department.

The Food Safety Wing in Coimbatore declared Nestle’s NAN PRO 3 (milk powder), unfit for consumption by the infants.

This report came after a taxi driver from Puliakulam, Mr. K Prem Ananth, approached the Tamil Nadu Food Safety Wing and submitted milk powder samples for testing.

Acoording to Prem Ananth, he purchased the milk powder carton to feed his twins. One of the babies was already fed with the milk powder and while he was preparing the same for the other baby, he found live larvae in the powder.

Then the analysts at the Food Analysis Laboratory in Coimbatore confirmed that the sample (380 gm) contained 22 Sitophilus oryzae (rice weevils) and 28 live larvae.

A complaint has been filed by Prem Ananth, but Nestle is yet to respond over this serious matter.

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