Modi Believes Hindi Language to Be At the Top in Digital World

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PM Narendra Modi believes firmly that Hindi language will soon be one of the top languages in the digital world. The Prime Minister noted that the present language market is very huge and wide. Thus, many companies can leverage the opportunity by developing the apps at the earliest.

While inaugurating the 10th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan in Bhopal at Lal Parade ground, Modi told about various steps on preserving the varied endangered languages.

The importance of Hindi can be judged with the fact that today the importance of Hindi content on web boosted by 94% than ever.

Further, at the conference, he pointed to varied concerns of scholars that almost 90% of the worldwide 6,000 languages face the unavoidable risk of becoming relics or heirloom from the past.

Modi said that in the upcoming days, 3 languages viz. Chinese, English and Hindi would be highly influential in the modern digital world.

This can be even recognized in Modi’s efforts when he started to make his tweets multilingual. The multilingual tweets also included Hindi to cater to the Hindi-speaking audience.

Adding to describing the importance of Hindi, Modi says that neglecting Hindi or forgetting the said language would be a huge loss for the country.

He says that though his mother tongue is Gujarati, then also he thought at times that what would have happened is he had not known Hindi.

He adds that the focus would not be just on promoting Hindi languages, but also the other endangered languages.

With this, it seems that Hindi and other languages would surely get a boost just like his ‘Give It Up’ scheme that motivated a number of LPG users in the past few weeks.

He stresses that language should be inclusive rather than exclusive.

He also recalled his previous days when he was a tea seller in Gujarat.

He said that he actually learnt Hindi language while selling tea to the traders of Uttar Pradesh who used to travel to Gujarat for buying buffaloes.

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