Modi Launched the Smart Cities Mission for a Stronger Urban India

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Narendra Modi unveiled 3 mega flagship schemes (including smart cities mission) that are aimed at establishing the foundation of a stronger urban India.

According to the prime minister, the population of India is aspiring for a better standard of living and quality of life. Hence, this mission to make cities smarter is the first step in that direction. This is the first time that the Indian government is making plans to develop 60 cities simultaneously.

All the three projects: Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation, 100 smart cities and Housing for All are supposed to bring a new urban era with an investment of approximately INR 3 lakh crore in the upcoming five years.

The logo of the housing mission is also unveiled by the prime minister, which has his personal touch.

As per the reports, the AMRUT and Smart City projects will draw INR 50,000 crore and INR 48,000 crore respectively, in the central grants for nearly five years.

Resource management in India seems to be a major challenge, but the government is visualizing an opportunity in this mission.

With a view to enhance the quality of life, the Smart City project seeks to provide 24 hour water and power supply, better education, superb transportation system, environment-friendly atmosphere, recreational facilities, e-governance and much more in the 100 selected cities.

On the other hand, AMRUT seeks to offer basic infrastructure to 500 cities with a population of more than one lakh. Besides infrastructure, there will be provision for water supply, solid waste management, roads and public transportation, sewer connections and sanitation.

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