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There can be more reasons to love WhatsApp if some new features get rolled out or introduced in the app. This app is one of the most loved apps for communication. With WhatsApp calling, blue ticks and other updates, this app is gaining more and more downloads with the passing time. But, privacy is a major matter of concern for the smartphone users.

Hence, the customers would love the app multiple times, of certain features (like the ones mentioned below) are introduced in it:

1. Request from Friends

As WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook, so, the developers might think of bringing such a feature in WhatsApp. There was news that a secret chat option on Facebook messenger might be unrolled. However, no confirmation is received yet.

2. Invisible Mode

Although available on most communication platforms, this feature is still not present on WhatsApp. A user will not be shown as online, if this feature is enabled. Hence, if you wish to have conversation with some of your close friends, you can use the invisible mode.

3. Undo the Messages

It happens quite often that we send a message to a wrong person by mistake. How wonderful it would be if we could undo that message within few seconds after you sent the message.

4. Busy Mode

While you are busy in work, the WhatsApp notifications might be very irritating for you. So, if something like busy mode was present on this app, one could make sure that the messages stop popping up. In this mode, the user’s status would be shown as ‘busy’ and all the chats would be visible only after he comes out of the busy mode.

The customers can just hope for these features to be introduced in WhatsApp. The time will tell the users whether or not these features would ever be rolled out in the app.

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