NASA to Use Hoverboard Technology for Controlling Satellites

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According to sources, NASA may use the hoverboard technology, in order to control the satellites. Arx Pax, the company that made that hoverboard has partnered with NASA to find how the technology would be useful in moving all around the satellites. This technology is based on MFA, i.e. Magnetic Field Architecture.

NASA keeps trying something new, such as it tried to convert human waste into edible food, and now it would try out this technology.

It is said that the hover engine creates swirls of electricity that result into magnetic fields within conductive surface and hover engine. But, the concept of hovering might not really apply in space. Arx Pax believes that utilizing this hovering technology in space would mean that they would not need to smack into each other when they would require pairing up.

A prototype would be co-developed with NASA by Arx Pax over the next couple of years.

Greg Henderson, the company’s founder said that an official patent on the hover engine will soon be received by the company and some useful work would be initiated, for which this engine was originally designed, i.e. guarding or protecting buildings from floods or earthquakes.


Soon hoverboard technology would be used by NASA to control tiny satellites. The hover engines will move around satellites via Magnetic Field Architecture.

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