Naukri Portal Reports a Huge Growth in IT Sector Jobs

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The leading portal reported a huge growth in the IT and other sector jobs. It reveals that apart from IT software and IT- enabled services; there is significant growth in the insurance and telecom sector jobs too.

In the month of March, an increase of 22% has been witnessed. According to reports, this definitely reveals greater opportunities for the job seekers in 2016.

Within the previous few years and especially in March, the need for expert professionals in ITeS and IT-software increased significantly.

Hence, the professionals associated with these sectors saw rapid increase in their jobs by almost 48% and 25% respectively.

Further, an increase in the demand for business development and sales experts was also found between March 2015 and March 2016. The index fluctuated; however, it ended with a growth of 17%.

Not just this, professionals in the banking sector also experienced 20% growth (year on year).

Talking about the cities where the hiring activity is seen in good numbers; Hyderabad leads this list. After Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai are ranked in the list.

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