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There are a number of rumours these days for iPhone 7, the next handset offered by Apple. What would be its release date, features etc, everything is getting estimated.

On one hand, where iPhone 6s has garnered a lot of appreciation from the masses, on the other hand, it is expected by the market gurus that the new iPhone 7 would be packaged in brand-new chassis and extraordinary features.

Release Date

The release date of the new iPhone 7 is not yet confirmed. But, some analysts said that it is easy to estimate the release date of the phone by looking at the previous release dates of Apple’s phone.

Although it is not confirmed, yet the releasing date is expected to around September, 2016, as the iPhone 6s was also released on September 9, 2015.

However, the 6s is still not available to the Indian citizens. Public release of iPhone 6s would in India would be on October 16.


With an expectation of extraordinary features and attributes, it is estimated that the new iPhone 7 would have improved camera present in the 6s, improved 3D Touch and an improved Touch ID 2 sensors.

It can also be said that the iPhone users might not require any security app. But, in modern tech savvy world, everyone must know about some popular antivirus apps for iPhone.

Furthermore, it is expected that not just the market would the new iPhone 7, but also iPhone 7 plus.

As far as the screen size is concerned, it is not confirmed that apple would increase the size or no. just as the Vodafone freebie offers on iPhone are gaining huge acclaim, similarly it is expected that iPhone would also find a place in customer’s heart.

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