No Marathi Language Test Means No Increment for IPS Officials

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Indian Police Service or IPS officers are missing out their annual increments, as the Marathi language proficiency test has not been conducted since 2012. It is reported that almost 30 officers have been deprived of the increments for years.

Passing the language test is mandatory for the officers if they are to get their salary increments.

Within a few years of joining service, all gazetted and non-gazetted officers are required to pass the examination, according to the Government Resolution. The GR states that unless and until the officers (including the IPS officers) clear the language test and submit the certificate; all of their increments would be stopped.

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission undersecretary said that these are not conducted by MPSC as is commonly believed. Etadarth Mandal – a board under the Directorate of Languages – is responsible for conducting such types of exams at regular intervals. A candidate, who has had Hindi language and Marathi language (100 marks each) as the subject in SSC, is exempted from appearing for this language proficiency test. This rule is stated in GR dated September 3, 1992 and applies to the candidate who had these subjects prior to joining service.

According to Rajkumar Vhatkar, the IGP, such an exam has not taken place in the state since the year 2012. It is the major reason why the increments have been put on hold.

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