No More Torture on Animals in India for the Testing of Soaps

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India has finally decided to ban the testing of detergents and soaps on animals. This decision was made in the meeting held last month.

Worked on actively by Maneka Gandhi, the testing ban will soon be notified by the commerce ministry and the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion.

CPCSEA has been constituted by the Centre to take measures, in order to assure that the animals are not subjected to any pain while the experiments are going on.

Every firm involved in research with animals has to keep tandem with the norms and guidelines set out by CPCSEA.

Not just this, the companies will also have to grant the permission for any experiment involving animals.

The government keeps making efforts, in order to make India, a better and advanced place to live in. Thus, operating system boss has been introduced to make India no less than any other country.

During the reign of Emperor Ashoka Maurya, the animals were treated as ‘citizens’. The Indians must now be proud to know that there would be no animal testing for soaps and detergents.

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