Now, Call Your Loved Ones at 19 Paisa per Minute with Ringo

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Ringo calling app has been introduced that lets you call your loved ones at 19 paisa per minute. According to Ringo, the rates offered by it are cheaper than the standard rates.

Bhavin Turakhia, the CEO and founder of Ringo said that their service is free from differential pricing. Thus, it would be beneficial for the customers. He said that they purchase minutes from different telecom operators in bulk and then pass it to the customers. This is how they offer cheaper calling.

The international voice calling service was also launched by the company in January. At present, this service is available in almost 100 countries.

Within 3 to 6 months, this app visions to attract a million of customers. With this, it is sure that different effective apps are being introduced to help the users, just like the effective triber app, Ringo app and others.

Turakhia also mentioned that this app does not make the call; rather it utilizes the mobile operators’ networks to make the calls. Thus, the telecom operators cannot comment on the voice quality in the calls by Ringo.

Further, the customers need not to worry about the additional charges, such as top-up cards, STD and roaming charges.

Thus, the users can easily call their friends or family or anyone on mobile phones or landline at just 19 paisa per minute.

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