Now Go Walking in the Sky Between Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

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According to reports, there might be soon a skywalk connecting Taj Mahal to Agra Fort.

The project might cost up to Rs 50 crore. The tourism department of UP has begun working on the design of the said project. The contract has been given to a private company.

UP tourism officials said that this specially designed pedestrian pathway is being worked on to save the tourists from the fast moving traffic between Taj mahal and Agra Fort.

Thus, no doubt that the skywalk would be a mesmerizing experience for the tourists all over the world, specifically to the residents of UP. Not just the skywalk, but also the upcoming first international cricket stadium in Ghaziabad, UP will be a royal treat for UP folks.

As per the sources, this avant-garde facility would be erected at Shah Jahan garden, and from there, the grand monument would be connected to the Agra Fort.

Further, it is said that a shaded stone pathway would also be constructed under this plan. The branches of the trees will cover the frame and provide shade to the tourists passing by.

Now, visiting Taj Mahal would be more exciting and push the tourists towards the rich history and background of the monuments. People generally keep talking about the secrets of Taj Mahal and other monuments.

With such facility, the grand monuments would become even more grand and royal.

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