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Men’s Hockey World Cup will now have all hoardings and signage in Odia language, other than English. This platform is being used as a major opportunity for Odia language promotion with a hope that the language gets huge recognition. The language is India’s sixth classical language and Odisha was the first state that was formed on the basis of language.

The world cup would be held at Kalinga Stadium, and all the hoardings in and around the venue would have information written both in English and Odia language.

The chairs in the stadium are arranged in a manner that helps the audience find Odisha written in Odia langauge on one side, and Odisha written in English language on the other hand. In a way, it is just like odia translation in english, as this way people will easily be able to understand English words and their Odia equivalents side by side.

Apart from signage and hoardings, direction boards, names of hotels, shops, malls, and every other commercial establishments that is under BMC’s jurisdiction, will have words that will speak in English language as well as Odia language and, as per the sports secretary of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. The entire work is expected to be completed before 15th of October.

The officer further said that the use of this regional language, odia, in galleries, hoardings, names of gates etc. will be a strong initiative in the international event.

The development commissioner believes that foreign nations like China, Japan and Korea give immense attention and importance to their mother tongue languages as well as local languages. Hence, we should also make efforts to give more preference to our local language(s).

As per the Odisha Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, the signboards near the stadium would use Odia language. The official Language Rules on Odia were approved by the state cabinet in 2016.

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