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Travelling to Russia will now be easy for the Indians. As announced by Dmitry Medvedev (the Russian Prime Minister), a visit to the Russia’s far east will now be very easy for the Indian businessmen and tourists, as they would not need a visa to travel here.

According to sources, this is basically a move towards promoting the investment and tourism in the region. Also, the country would ensure that the tourists do not face a wearisome procedure to obtain a visa.

This is certainly a good news for all those, who were planning to go on an International Holiday Trip to Russia.

As per the Prime Minister, the foreigners could just enter the entire data on a special website. Further, it is also reported that this scheme is valid for 17 other countries, which includes North Korea, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Iran, Mexico, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, Kuwait, China, Singapore and UAE.

Additionally, the Prime Minister also reported that they would be creating special regimes and modern infrastructure in the Far East. With this, they hope that the region would witness a steep growth in the tourist-traffic and earn revenues.

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