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Now air will be used to clean hands and save water. A machine has been invented by a group of seven Chinese students.

According to them, the machine uses air for cleaning hands.

The students have even got an international prize for such an invention.

A peddle is present in the machine, stepping on which the compressed air gets mixed with water vapour. This way the users get rid of dirt and bacteria from their hands.

Chinese students and scholars keep on learning and inventing something new to give something unique and extraordinary to the world. In this hope, the Chinese scholars have even desired to learn Sanskrit language.

The group has left behind 13 other groups from the top universities in the world, including Hong Kong University and Cambridge University.

It is expected to save almost 90% of water.

This invention took them a year to create this device which helped them in winning the prize at Global Grand Challenge Summit in Beijing.

With this invention, it is sure that new technologies are knocking the world. It is evident with this invention and with the one that was known to control home lightning through smartphone.

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