Separate Two-Wheeler Licence Might Be Issued for Indian Riders

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According to reports, a separate two-wheeler licence might be issued for Indian riders who have bikes with 500cc or more. This is an effort by the government to reduce the number of accidents.

In India, if someone has a two-wheeler licence, he can ride the two-wheeler with an engine of 100cc to 1400cc or more.

So, as per the new proposal by the Transport & Road Ministry, those who ride two-wheelers – above and equal to 500cc – would be included in a new category for rendering separate licence (if this proposal gets passed).

The reports say that nearly 27% of the total road accidents occurred last year was through the two-wheelers. Thus, it is expected that with the new policy, the number of road accidents would decrease considerably.

A number of safety rules might also come along with this new licence rule, to ensure the road is safer to travel, with decreased road accidents.

Wearing helmets, obeying the traffic signals have always been the part of traffic rules. These rules are employed to protect the life of everyone who travels on the road. With this new policy, it is hoped that people will obey the new safety norms and would contribute towards reducing the road accidents.

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