Shocking!! Maggi Safe to Eat, Says UK Food Standards Agency

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After a thorough test on the samples, Maggi declared to be safe for human consumption by the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA). The agency reported that the instant noodles imported from India are actually safe to eat. These tests were conducted as a precaution following the banishment on the Nestle product in India.

The food standards agency in UK confirmed that the lead content in the Maggi noodles is well within the EU permissible levels and would hence, not be a concern to the consumers.

After the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India found the lead content beyond the European Union’s permissible limits, the sales of Maggi was banned in India.

Nestle informed the FSA that the variety of Maggi Noodles imported from India was only the ‘masala flavor’. Hence, all the samples of flavors from the Maggi noodles range were tested, including the masala flavor and FSA found the levels of lead to be fine within the permissible levels.

Around 900 samples were tested after which the UK Food Standards Agency cleared Maggi noodles. Other regulatory authorities in countries including Australia, Singapore and New Zealand also cleared the product.

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