Snapdeal, Olacabs, ProSport Fitness to Offer Yoga Merchandise

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The big brands such as Snapdeal, Olacabs and ProSport Fitness companies are offering huge offers on yoga merchandise to attract customers. The companies are certainly piggybacking on the enthusiasm generated due to the International Day of Yoga that was celebrated on Sunday.

The different yoga merchandise offered by Snapdeal is: mats, e-guides, attire and equipment on the online marketplace. It also offered over 150 special products for the entire week.

Further, Olacabs, an online cab aggregator offered yoga sessions and free rides in collaboration with studios in New Delhi for all those people selected in a lucky draw.

ProSport Fitness center, owned by Cricketer Zaheer Khan also launched therapies for athletic injuries and group yoga classes from Sunday.

According to reports, the companies are simply trying to improve visibility the global activity of yoga, mooted by Mr. Narendra Modi. They are seriously not taking it up as revenue generation exercise.

One of the healthy dining food chains, Sattviko (New Delhi-based) has sent out almost 5,000 letters to the Prime Minister, President, chief ministers, NGOs, all members of Parliament, secretaries, celebrities and senior journalists encouraging them to donate their medicines in return for yogic products and healthy food on its website, such as Ayurveda medicines, fresh food, daily groceries and even yoga classes.

Sattviko is even distributing free umbrellas and yoga mats on the occasion. Furthermore, a company that launched an app ‘OK Sir’ is providing access to nearly 150 emergency and daily need services, alongside promoting yoga tutors.

The hotel industry also seemed to showcase their yoga-centric offerings, as ITC Hotels, Le Meridien and Kempinski hosted yoga sessions for guests and employees. Even the sessions were followed by healthy, organic food that was curated by their chefs.

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