Sundar Pichai’s India Visit Starts Today in New Delhi

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Sundar Pichai’s India visit starts today in New Delhi. Sundar Pichai is the Google CEO and during an event in New Delhi, he would be holding sessions with marketers, developers and various entrepreneurs.

According to sources, Mr. Pichai will highlight as to how the modern technology can improve the lives of people and make it better and better.

Some other executives would also be coming to India with Sundar. During the sessions, the team and Pichai would be describing about how they are making efforts to meet the present and future needs of the internet users.

As per his schedule, he will meet Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister), Pranab Mukherjee (Indian President), Ravi Shankar Prasad (Communication Minister) and Arun Jaitley (Finance Minister).

He will also meet the students of SRCC (Shri Ram College of Commerce), during a chat session. This chat session would be conducted after meeting Narendra Modi.

Few days back, the Japanese PM also visited India. Now, the visit of Google CEO is also expected to bring something good to India.

Mr. Pichai launched Android One, when he visited India last year in September. Born in Chennai, he studied in IIT-Kharagpur.

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