The Odd-Even Traffic Scheme is Back Again in Phase 2

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The odd-even traffic scheme in its phase 2 is back again. It is expected to start from April 15. In this phase of the traffic scheme, the government might provide Paryavaran Bus Seva, i.e. the private CNG carriers. The registration will commence from 28th of March to 14th of April.

Further, this time, it is said the quality of air will be monitored in NCR and Delhi.  In the January odd even traffic scheme, only Delhi was monitored to judge the quality of air. However, this time NCR is also taken into consideration.

According to reports, final notifications regarding the new traffic scheme would be issued on 8th of April.

According to Transport Minister, rotational route monitoring will also take place, this time. Hence, samples would be taken on same route twice.

Furthermore, some decisions regarding the exemption (granted during the vehicle rationing scheme) and amount of fine, are still pending. In the earlier phase, exemptions were applied to the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of India, the President, two-wheelers, women drivers and diplomatic corps vehicles.

The time bracket under which this policy will remain in effect will remain the same, as earlier, i.e. 8 am to 8 pm.

As per repots, 400 ex-servicemen would be recruited to help in monitoring the odd-even violations. Interviews are supposed to commence from March 28 and they would be delegated the duties from April 1.

Challans will be issued against those who violate the scheme.

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