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Find an amazing list of the Top 10 Monsoon Destinations in India and get ready to spend this rainy season in the arms of heavenly nature. The incredible India is surrounded by exotic destinations that are carpeted with lush greenery, waterfall sceneries, sparkling lake water, gigantic hills and mountains. The experience of travelling to such places becomes more blissful, if visited in the monsoon time, i.e. in July, August & September.

So, go through this list and explore the beauties –

1. Munnar

This is one of the best hill stations in India that should be visited during monsoon. It is popularly known as the God’s own country, as it will let you experience its pleasant climate, vast tea gardens, romantic atmosphere, silvery mist and lush green hills. Not just this, you may also get to explore the beautiful lakes, waterfalls and exotic wildlife.

2. Shillong

This place is known to receive heavy rainfall in the rainy season. Hence, it is also a great destination to explore, if you love rain. It offers panoramic views of the nature that surrounds various waterfall and valleys of Khasi and Jayanti hills. Also, this place can be your favourite trekking destination, if you try out David Scott Trail this time.

3. Ranikhet

Situated in Uttarakhand, this place offers a great view of the Himalayan Ranges, lush green forests and several hills that experience a pleasant climate. Apart from this, you may find a number of endangered animals, such as snow leopard, Asiatic black bear and birds.

4. Coorg

Known as one of the ideal destinations for wildlife adventure, Coorg offers you a perfect biodiversity hotspot showcasing diverse range of flora and fauna. This place is both romantic and adventurous. So, do visit this place in rainy season, as it is the season of love. The destination will let on a fun ride of vast coffee plantations, waterfalls, multiple cuisines and lakes.

5. Lonavala

Lonavala is a popular hill town in Mumbai that offers a pleasant climate, lush greenery, waterfalls, with the onset of monsoon. It takes around 1 hour 45 minutes and almost hour 26 minutes to reach by road from Mumbai and Pune respectively. So, if you live in Mumbai or Pune, this can be a perfect weekend getaway for you in the monsoon climate.

6. Cherrapunjee

It remains wet with rain almost throughout the year. However, if you visit in the late monsoon, it would be best time, as the greenery is in full bloom during this time. Hence, if you love rainy season, more than any of the seasons in India, this is the sure shot place that you must hit to. When you visit here, don’t forget to try the famous Meghalaya tea (as it is quite different from the tea of Darjeeling and Assam) and the orange flower honey.

7. Goa

Well connected to the world, this place is easily accessible via different modes of transport. Most of the tourists even plan a Mumbai to Goa trip, to enjoy the picturesque view that cannot be experienced anywhere else. So, next time, when you plan a trip to Goa, try the monsoon time, as the sand, waterfalls, cruise, Goan delicacies and others will be more joyful, as the place experiences a little drizzle.

8. Kodaikanal

This place receives moderate rainfall and is a must visit place in Tamil Nadu. Monsoon is the only time when this place is splashed with waterfalls. Also, you may find an amazing view of ghats, hills, lakes and lush greenery. Talking about the attractions; this place contains a man-made lake, i.e. Kodai lake, which is surrounded by beautiful trees and rocks.

9. Andaman and Nicobar islands

This place is an exotic destination in India that is a group of approximately 570 islands. The silver sand beaches, natural beauty, thrilling water sports and mountains make it a perfect destination to visit with family, friends or your beloved soulmate. If you visit here in the monsoon, you will come to know that the romantic aura and beauty of this place gets multiplied when tiny rain drops touch this amazing land.

10. Kutch

It feels like a heaven on earth, if you visit Kutch in the rainy season. A number of sights will make you go wow, for example, Monsoon clouds over Dhinodhar hill. You can get here via Kutch Express or fly to Bhuj, as it is the nearest airport. So, if you wish to visit a dream like destination, this is the perfect place for you.

Monsoon is around the corner and if you have been waiting for an amazing trip, get down to these places in India, as they have a lot to offer you. But, before you plan the trip, just make sure that you check the weather conditions or forecast in advance.

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