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Your smartphone would be amongst those important accessories without which you cannot imagine your life. Right?? This is the case with all of us today!! Specifically, the iPhone users are generally possessive about their phone. So, you would obviously not prefer your important information (in the phone) to get hacked.

In such cases, you need some antivirus apps that work to protect your iPhone. Some of them are:

1. McAfee Antivirus

Using this, you can protect your videos and photos in a safe place and even backup your contacts. Further, you can also remotely wipe off all your contacts and enable an alarm (works even in silent mode) which rings when the device gets stolen.

2. Norton Antivirus

Just like, McAfee Mobile Security app, this app also has a ringing feature that rings loud when your iPhone gets stolen. This app also provides you the facility for locating you iPhone, in case it gets stolen away.

3. Anti-Virus Detective

You might definitely use to share links with your friends and surf the web regularly. So, this app will detect the threats and if there would be any threat in the link, it will tell you. So, it is great app to detect the anti-viruses.

4. Lookout Mobile Security

This security app lets you backup your data and find your missing phone quickly. Before the battery starts teetering, this app saves the last location of your device. Thus, this security app is ideal for business owners, students and people of all age groups.

5. Virus Barrier

This app protects the apple devices from malware and various other threats. You can both scan and save the email attachments or file on your phone. Not just this, you can also scan the zipped files and other files on remote locations.

These are the major security apps for iPhone users. Similarly, android security apps are also gain in huge recognition among the masses. To protect the devices against threats, such apps have become a necessity today.

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