Top 5 Places in Ghaziabad You Didn’t Know Actually Exist

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Ghaziabad – one of the most popular districts in the NCR region of Delhi – is often underrated as a tourist destination. This is because most of the people living outside NCR, do not know what Ghaziabad can actually offer. However, being close to Delhi, people visit here to check out some amazing places that are not very popular among the tourists. Although, this place may not offer you what is generally expected from a tourist destination, yet you may fall in love with this place, seeing its unusual attractions that you may not find anywhere else.

So, whenever you visit Delhi for work or leisure purpose, do visit Ghaziabad to discover some attractions that represents the picture of a modern Indian city or district –

1. Durga Temple

Also known as mohna nagar mandir, this temple is the perfect place, where people visit to seek peace and salvation. According to the visitors, the most wonderful fact about this place is that it is a perfect place to sit and meditate. The aura here is so peaceful that you’ll forget all your worries and stress and grab some positive vibes.

2. Thakurdwara temple

Mostly preferred by Spiritual seekers, Experience Seekers, God lovers and Nirvana Seekers, this is a sacred temple that is visited regularly by a huge number of devotees. It is located in the Ajrara village and is said to be constructed by the Ajaipal (Hindu king). It stands towards the left of ‘Kali Nadi’ and is a must visit destination.

3. Shipra Mall

You may find a number of malls here in Ghaziabad and one of them is the Shipra Mall. The mall represents the contemporary Indian, who loves to live a luxurious and comfortable life. It is located in the indirapuram region of Ghaziabad and has a huge space to accommodate a number of people. Yu may also find some of the most reputed retail brands here.

4. Jalalabad

This place drives its name from Jalal-ud-din, which was the title given to the Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is situated almost 15 km away from Ghaziabad. Visiting this place, you’ll get to discover wheat, gram and sugarcane fields, as they are produced here.

5. City Forest

If you are looking for some fun, excitement and adventure, this is the place to head to. Here, you can relax and spend some quality time with your family. Couples, kids and huge families; you may people of all ages having a great time of their lives. It is located in the raj nagar extension, which is soon going to be a developed place, with a huge cricket stadium, malls and other attractions.

This isn’t the end. There are other attractions as well, which may attract you to this place. However, these are the most loved places that you must definitely plan a visit to.

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