Top 7 Hill Stations In South India to Visit This Summer Vacation

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Visiting hill stations have always been a personal favourite of most the people, whenever it comes to spending the summer vacations. It is basically the ideal time, when the entire family gets into a holiday mood and starts selecting destinations, as to where they should go this summer season. So, if you feel that the sun is getting harsh day by day, you must start planning your summer vacations right from this moment. Why not try south India this time? The southern region of Indian is worldwide famous for its beauty and pleasant weather.

Here are some unusual and must visit hill stations in south India that will make you go ‘wow’ instantly –

1. Kemmangundi

Located in karnataka, this hill station is an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. People from all around the world visit this place to explore the trekking expedition and natural beauty of this place. This place is also home to the tallest peak of Karnataka, viz. Mullayanagiri. Further, almost 10km from Kemmangundi, you will find Kallathi and Kalahasthi Falls, where the water cascades down to 122 meters.

2. Lakkidi

It is listed among the highest spots in the Western Ghats and is basically a gateway to Wayanad. Here, you can visit Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Pookot Lake, Vythiri twon and varied other destinations. You may also come to know about the legend of chain-bound ficus tree that is said to bear the spirit of a Karinthandan, who was a tribal youth killed by British officer.

3. Ponmudi

A hill station in the Thiruvananthapuram, this place is regarded as the top destination for road trips, trekking and hiking. Just like Kemmannugundi, this place also has its highest peak, which is known as Agasthyarkoodam. Apart from this, you will to explore Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary and Meenmutty Falls.

4. Araku

This place is often referred to as a hidden hill station because most of the tourists do not know about this place. But, you should definitely plan a visit to this place, as it has immaculate beauty and the waterfalls of the Eastern Ghats will inspire you to keep coming here again and again. At a 30 km distance from Visakhapatnam, you may find Chaaparai Waterfalls. Further, you can also visit Anantagiri or Talimada Waterfalls, located near Anantagiri village.

5. Nelliyampathy

This place is no less than a gem. If you wish to explore its wide expanse, you must visit the viewpoints on the Ghat Road or most preferably, the Pothundy Dam. The dam forms a lake and most of the tourists love to boat there. Hence, it can serve you as a perfect honeymoon destination, as well. Going further, you can also find orange plantations, Seetharkundu waterfall, vast tea estates and other attractions.

6. Lambasingi

Because of its bone chilling temperature, it is often known as the ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’. This place is a village in Visakhapatnam and it is said that the place never gets too hot. Therefore, it is the best place for summer holidays. Visiting here, you can enjoy the aromatic coffee, visit the coffee plantations and Kothapally Waterfalls.

7. Vagamon

This is also one of the least known destinations in south India. It is majorly famous as a paragliding destination and lets you explore stunning ravines and rivulets and mesmerizing green hills. In 2016, an International Paragliding Festival was organized here, which welcomed worldwide glider pilots. Additionally, you can begin your trekking expedition from Murugan Hill, Thangal Hill or Kurisumala Hill.

Summer vacations are right at the corner. Let your kids and family have fun in the valleys of south India and see nature at its best. So, say ‘goodbye’ to the harsh sun and ‘hi’ to the pleasant weather of the south.

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