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Gone are the days, when people used to book flights for any foreign trip, especially for Bangkok. Now one can enjoy a Road Trip from India to Bangkok. Sounds great.. Right?? If you love to travel, then this news would be a boon for you. Now, no more panicking for Delhi-Bangkok flights and high air fares…!! Just pack your bags, classy clothes and be ready for a joyous lifetime ride. Thailand has been a wonderful tourist attraction, since years and a major chunk of tourists belong to India. In 2014 itself, almost 9.4 lac Indian tourists visited Thailand. Thus, it is for sure that Indians are very passionate for travelling to Thailand and the capital city Bangkok.

By now, if you have made your mind to travel to Bangkok and are very very anxious to hit the roads, then just hold your heart as the Asian highway (AH-1) is coming your way.

From the next year, i.e. 2016, you will be able to drive on AH-1 that is a part of the Trilateral Highway connecting India-Myanmar-Thailand. According to reports, this highway would connect Moreh in Manipur to Mae Sot in Thailand.

Passing through this entire route, you will witness:

■ The scenic beauty of Guwahati
■ The flying clouds in Shillong
■ Pagodas in Naypyidaw (capital city of Myanmar)
■ Mandalay (former capital of northern Myanmar)
■ Temples and pagodas in Bagan
■ Colonial architecture in Yangon
■ The summer palace: the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

So, this is for sure that your ride is gonna be full of treasurable moments even for the generations to come.

If you are travelling from Delhi, you will first of all need to reach Imphal and then reach Moreh that is almost 120kms away from Imphal.

The map given below represents the route of the highway:

Moreh – Tamu – Mandalay – Myawwady – Mae Sot Tak

So, now when you are aware about the trilateral highway and the route; you must be aware of few documents that might be very essential during your journey:

Important Documents for Indian Tourists

■ Your passport
■ Credit card statements, both original and photocopy. Also carry a photocopy of the card.
■ Bank statements of the previous 6 months
■ Currency exchange slips
■ Passport size photographs
■ Authentic visa

Note: –

■ Make sure that you have downloaded the online form for visa on arrival. This should be done before entering Myanmar.
■ You can apply for visa on arrival, if and only if you belong to one of these countries:

Mauritius Bhutan
Latvia Cyprus
Slovakia Taiwan
India Saudi Arabia
Kazakhstan Slovenia
China Estonia
Maldives Poland
Czech Russian Federation
Lithuania Hungary
Ukraine Liechtenstein

■ Passport holders of the following countries will have to file for an application at the Thai consulate or Thai embassy in their home country:

Sri Lanka Lebanon Palestinian States
Syria Nepal Pakistan
Algeria Bangladesh Sudan
India Egypt Yemen
Iran Libya Iraq

Noteworthy Guidelines

While you are on your road trip to Bangkok, make sure that you follow few guidelines:

• Loose Cash

Carry some loose cash with you – Indian Rupee, Thai Baht, Myanmar Kyat or USD.

• Phone Numbers

It is always beneficial to keep the contact number of the travel agency.

• Photocopy of Documents

Always carry the photocopy of some important documents, like the PAN card, driving licence and passport. You might be asked to show your identity proofs at check posts.

• Travel Map

Carry a travel map along with you. This way you’ll know about some places where you can stay for a while or say a whole night and then move further with the journey.

• Inform Authorities

It is also important to inform the Myanmar authorities in advance.

With such a big ‘lot’ of information, you are now ready to go to the desired destination, i.e. Bangkok.

Now, it is the time to know what future has in store for the passionate travelers. The Asian highway project will connect more countries to it, thereby paving the way for another exciting road trip.

Future of Asian Highway

The Asian highway project aims at improving the highway systems in Asia. Thus, a number of countries participated in this project, including Pakistan, India, Japan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Korea and China.


Beginning from Tokyo, this highway will connect Ho Chi Minh City, Beijing, Seoul and Phnom to Mae Sot, Mandalay, Yangon, Tamu, Imphal, Dimapur, Moreh, Kohima, Nagaon, Dawki, Jorabat , Shillong, , Kolkata, Sylhet, Dhaka, New Delhi, Kanpur, Lahore, Attari, Kabul, Rawalpindi, Istanbul, Peshawar and till Bulgaria border.

AH- 2

Another highway will be the AH-2 that will connect Jakarta, Singapore, Imphal, Bangkok, Moreh, Mandalay, Tamu, Mahendranagar, Kohima, Dimapur, Nagaon, Lahore, Jorabat, Shillong, Siliguri, Dawki, Kakarbhitta, Attari, Sylhet, New Delhi, Dhaka, Salafchegan and Quetta.

In the near future to come, it would be easier for people to visit foreign countries through these highways. The countries that water bodies in between would be connected by ferry.

Contact your travel agent now, book a car and just start the New Year, 2016 with a bang in Bangkok…!!

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