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Now more trains will be added to Delhi Metro from August 31. So, no one will have to wait in the off-peak hours for the metro, as more trains would be added on the busy lines. By adding almost 20 trains, the frequency might be increased between 11am to 4.30pm.

A government official said that there were many complaints pouring in, about the lack of trains. The crowd was enormous in the off-peak hours. When travelling becomes tough, people get annoyed and thus, they switch to private vehicles for travelling. This is counter-productive.

To increase the ridership, the government decided to add the frequency of trains. Thus, within few days, over the metro’s crowded lines, you will be able to travel smoothly even during the off-peak hours.

According to a source, when DMRC argued that as per calculations, per square metre of space inside in the Metro should have a minimum number of standing passengers, the government said that the proposal must be done on a pilot basis for 3 months. Further, as per reports, the Delhi Metro did not set any deadline for the project yet.


From august 31, more trains will be added to Delhi Metro to make the journey of travelers smooth even during the off peak hours. 20 trains will be added.

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