Turkey Publishes Pristine Armenian Translation of Quran

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The Directorate of Religious Affairs in Turkey has published 4,000 copies of the Islamic holy book, i.e. Quran in Armenian language. Studies report that, this is just a part of its massive plans to translate the said holy book into 15 other languages.

According to Yüksel Salman, (the head of religious publications at the directorate), the Armenian translation of the Quran is published in the western and eastern Armenian dialects. Also, it is reported that the translated version underwent a thorough and rigorous examination by the Armenian language and literature experts. He adds that the first copies would be sent to some associations and libraries. Afterwards the copies will be available for purchase.

Mr. Salman, further confesses that the publication of the Armenian translation of the Quran is just an effort by the directorate to disseminate the message of Islam to various nations. Also, the Armenian version of the Quran had been under way for four years. He said that the translation took two-and-a-half years to finally reach the completion stage.

The religious body has so far published Kurdish, Spanish and now Armenian translation of the holy book.

Addressing a news agency, Salman quotes that “We were glad to publish the Quran’s messages that teach us that killing a person is just like killing all of the mankind and saving one’s life is like, saving the life of whole of the mankind.”

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