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A WhatsApp news Bulletin known as ‘Dinbar’ has been introduced that keeps people in Jammu and Kashmir updated with the daily news and events happening around their region. A message pops on the mobile of the user to alert him/ her regarding the news.

The user then plays the 7 minute audio and listens to the news. The audio plays in Urdu language and is in in MPEG format. This bulletin is free and has about 12,500 direct subscribers. A number of people generally listen to it on other groups related to news.

It encompasses the major happenings and news from governance, state, crime, politics, sports and public grievances.

This bulletin was launched by three news enthusiasts, viz. Lateef Bhat, Waseem Ramzan and Taseer Afzal. All of them come from north Kashmir (Baramulla). According to Afzal, people lack the patience as well as time to listen to current affairs or news on radio or TV. But, with this news bulletin, people will stay updated with the news, as they can revisit the bulletin and download the same as per their convenience.

There is hardly any infrastructure or investment required for the bulletin, therefore it is free. All the major news happening across the state gets covered in the bulletin. They also grab news from local news agencies.

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