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As 2016 is just a few weeks away, the smartphone users are very anxious about the new phones that may hit the market in the upcoming year. 2016 might bring a great bouquet of smartphones for the users.

Till then, it is estimated that few smartphones might hit the market soon in 2016. However, some market players like to surprise their customers and thus, do not reveal the information. Hence, the phones mentioned below have not been confirmed, as of now. The information is based on market assumptions:

1. Samsung Galaxy S7

According to several rumours, the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be launched quite earlier in the upcoming year. It is expected that design changes would be minimal. Further, it is reported that the phone might be released in different sizes.

2. iPhone 7

It has been estimated that a new iPhone would be released most probably by the upcoming month of September. Hence, there are chances that a new iPhone 7 might be released. Not much is known about the new handsets. But, it is forecasted that the new handset might be waterproof. Also, it might be the chances that the company may release small and large screen version of the phone.

3. LG G5

There is no official confirmation for LG G5. But, it is hoped that the company might launch a new phone (that might be called LG G5) in the upcoming twelve months. According to reports, the phone might feature a complete metal body.

4. Sony Xperia Z6

As per some rumours, this phone might be available in almost 5 variations and might feature the company’s version of the 3D Touch technology. It might also be water and dust proof.

5. HTC One M10

It is estimated that the phone might be available with improved internal specifications and 1080 x 1920 screen resolution. However, nothing is confirmed right now.

This is for sure that the upcoming 12 months would be filled with excitement, for the smartphone users. Now, which phone gets launched and which remains in the process is all that, which only time can reveal. So, hold your heart and wait for it..!!

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