What Will Be the Scope of French Language after 35 Years?

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According to reports, the scope of French language after 35 years would be worth noticing, as the number of French speakers would increase significantly.

Due to the growing population of sub-Saharan Africa, the French language would have a wide scope in the coming years.

As per a study, it was found that by 2050, French will leave behind Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and English, which are the top languages presently.

By 2050, there will be almost 750 million people speaking French language.

It is only 3% population in the entire world that speaks French. However, it is estimated that this figure would be increased to 8% in the years to come.

The study also found that those who speak French are not French nationals.

So, with the increasing sub- Saharan Africa population, the language scope and the popularity will increase.

In 1994, the use of French was made mandatory and the publicly funded schools were required to teach in French. This law called the Toubon Law.

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