What’s New with the Second International Yoga Day This Year?

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The countdown for the Second International Yoga Day has begun. Everybody is greatly excited for this year’s yoga day and wondering what would be new this year.

Talking about the venue; this year, the International yoga day will be celebrated on June 21, 2016 at Capitol Complex in Chandigarh.

Narendra Modi would also join hundreds of people in Chandigarh on this day.

Other venues that were discussed for this event included varied parks and green belts; Sukhna Lake is also one of them.

Further, The AYUSH Ministry declared that chanting OM or any of the Vedic mantras will not be mandatory.

This implies that people will be free to either chant the mantras or not chant the mantras according to their will. Chanting the mantras before the yoga session is completely voluntary and not compulsory.

Reports also suggest that the duration of Dhyan Pranayam would be extended by 10 minutes. Also, a new asana will be added to the programme.

This does not end here. This time, a selfie zone is also expected to be the main highlight of the event.

Although mobile phones will not be allowed, yet it has been decided by the UT administration to introduce a selfie area.

A website was launched by the UT Administrator, so as to connect with the public. It is said that all those residents who wish to take part in the training camps can register on the website and on this number 18001802072. This is a toll-free number.

200 centres have been set up by the administration for the yoga orientation programme and 800 trained experts would be responsible to teach yoga.

The camps will be organized from 21st of May to 20th of June.

So, if you are going to participate in the event and wish to present at the event venue, make sure you are on time. The Entry time will start at 4 am and it would close at 6 am.

The event lead by Modi would commence from 7 am.

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