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Recently, WhatsApp introduced a number of new features updates in Android app version 2.12.241. These updates will help the users to keep a tab on their data consumption and make their chats even more personal. Google Drive backup is yet to be introduced on WhatsApp.

Its major 6 new features are:

1. Custom Notifications

Customizing the notifications will help you to set different notification tones for different people in your contact list along with ringtones and more.

2. Popup Notifications

In popup notifications, you can customize the notifications and your messages will be displayed in the form of popups. Moreover, you will be able to reply the messages without opening the app.

3. Mute Your Chat

If someone is irritating you, then this feature will certainly be liked by you. You can now easily mute individual chats.

4. Mark as Unread

With this feature, you will be able to mark chats as unread, in order to respond or see it later. Those chats marked as unread will be highlighted in your chat list.

5. Low Data Usage

This feature claims to consume lesser mobile data during WhatsApp calls. It is located inside Chats and Calls, under the Calls tab settings.

6. Network Usage

WhatsApp data consumption can be monitored with this feature.

Besides these major changes, there are also some minor changes to your contact list with the call interface.

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