When Satellites Used To Explore the Indian Roads on Bullock Cart

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Way back in the past, the satellites were carried on a bullock cart on Indian roads. Studies have found that in the year 1981, when the space scientists in India were struggling hard to find a metal-free transportable platform, they used to use a bullock cart to carry the satellites. Interesting isn’t it?

As the years passed by, the bullock cart got replaced by a cutting edge satellite transportation system. However, to ferry the cargo, this carrier depends on two people, viz. M Suresh and Jagadish S. They are not ordinary people or ordinary drivers.

Both of them are trained to carry Isro’s spacecraft or satellites from the Bengaluru satellite centre to SDSC (popularly known as Satish Dhawan Space Centre) or Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota rocket launch centre. It takes almost a day to complete this task, despite of the fact that the distance between Andhra Pradesh and Bengaluru to is 380km (i.e. 7 hours’ time).

Studies even say that in 1963, the scientists used to carry the rocket parts on bicycles. They were carried to a church in Thumba, from where the first satellite of India was launched successfully.

How Do They Begin Their Task?

Before the journey begins, the entire route is mapped. This implies that both the men used to undergo a thorough road recce to find out the number of potholes, wires, speed breakers and others. The road was demanded to be repaired, if it fail to meet the standards.

Further, while the convoy is passing through the route, electricity boards were asked to cut off power supply. The speed limit was also set at 25 kmph. There were VIP convoys as well.

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