Xiaomi & Motorola to Offer After-Sales Service For Phone Repair

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Xiaomi and Motorola are planning to offer its customers after-sales services, thereby taking up a notch through niche offerings. Xiaomi has started pickup and drop facility for phones from homes. This facility is available in Delhi and Mumbai for Rs 99. On the other hand, Motorola is wishing for the expansion of Moto Care on wheels service to almost 10 cities within months.

According to Manu Jain, the head of Xiaomi operations in India, the customers just need to call them and their team will collect the phone, repair it and deliver it back. This service is expected to be expanded to various major cities this year.

The service gets several requests every day in the NCR and about a 100 in Mumbai. GadgetWood, in Delhi, picks up the device and repair it under the company guidelines. Also, it promises one-day repair.

Motorola is expanding its care-on-wheels service in Delhi and to other 10 cities within the upcoming few months. The company believes that If the customer is purchasing the phone online, then why should he go to the store to get it repaired. Through Care-on-wheels service Motorola phones get repaired at the customer’s doorstep for free up to 30 days from purchase. At present, Motorola is using vans to offer its services in Delhi, while it is also preparing to launch the service on motorbikes, for over-crowded areas like Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

Motorola also has a 30-day return policy through Flipkart that is basically a no-questions-asked return policy. It has a pre-embedded app on every Motorola phone that allows the users to chat or call the tech support. Users can also chat in Hindi.

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