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Increasing popularity of Yamal LNG Project in Russia, many companies are going for flawless Russian Translation for Yamal LNG Project in Russia.

Known as Yamal megaproject, this project ensures both the production and marketing of the Russian Arctic’s (Yamal Peninsula) vast natural gas reserves. Also it is involved in the construction of a new maritime route for transporting the liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe and Asia. It is developed by Gazprom and located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Gazprom owns the licenses for the largest gas fields, viz. Novoportovo, Bovanenkovo, Severo-Tambey, Kharasavey, Zapadno-Tambey, Kruzenshtern, Tasiy and Malygin fields.

Not only Gazprom, a number of other companies are also investing in this project due to the following factors:

■ 15 oil, gas and condensate fields, as well as 11 gas fields have been discovered on the peninsula of Yamal along with its adjacent offshore areas.
■ These areas consist almost 22 trillion cubic meters of forecast and in-place gas reserves and 16 trillion cubic meters of provisionally evaluated gas reserves.
■ Estimated oil reserves are 291.8 million tonnes, while the condensate reserves are estimated to be 230.7 million tonnes.
■ The largest gas field on the Yamal Peninsula is the Bovanenkovo gas field with estimated gas reserves of 4.9 tcm. It is put into operation since 2011.
■ The 1,100 kilometres gas pipeline connects the Bovanenkovo gas field to the Russian gas hub at Ukhta.
■ The initial gas reserves of the Kruzenshternskoye, Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye and Kharasaveyskoye fields amount to about 3.3 trillion cubic meters.

Comprehensive & Detailed Yamal Development Program

All the above mentioned factors contribute to the huge investments in the said program with a visionary outlook to 2030. Thus, the development program is speeding significantly with the completion of more than 25% of the construction work. The various other factors that are contributing towards the Yamal development are as follows:

1. The Major Companies

The major hi-end companies that are involved in the Yamal project are:

■ Gazprom
■ Novatek
■ China National Petroleum Corporation
■ Total S.A.
■ JSC Yamal LNG
■ ExxonMobil
■ ConocoPhillips
■ Royal Dutch Shell
■ Petro-Canada
■ Repsol YPF
■ Technip
■ JGC Corporation
■ Chiyoda

2. Major Production Zones

The development is integrated by three production zones:

• Bovanenkovo Production Zone

It includes 3 basic fields, viz. Kruzenshternskoye, Bovanenkovskoye and Kharasaveyskoye (the licenses are held by Gazprom Group), with total production being projected to reach 220 bcm of gas and 4 mln t of condensate per annum.

• Tambey Production Zone

It involves six fields, viz. Malyginskoye, Zapadno-Tambeyskoye, Severo-Tambeyskoye, Tasiyskoye (the licenses are held by Gazprom Group), Syadorskoye and Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye. The total production in this zone is reckoned to reach up to 2.8 mln t of condensate and up to 65 bcm of gas per annum.

• Southern Production Zone

It involves nine fields, viz. Novoportovskoye (the license is held by Gazprom Group), Malo-Yamalskoye, Nurminskoye, Khambateyskoye, Sredne-Yamalskoye, Rostovtsevskoye, Kamennomysskoye (located onshore), Arkticheskoye and Neytinskoye. Here, the total production is expected to extend up to 7 mln t of oil and 30 bcm of gas per annum.

Table to be included

3. Gas Transportation System

In accordance to secure the transference of gas from Yamal, a new gas transportation system is going to be executed before 2030. The prominent features are stated below:

■ The gas will be transported and conveyed via the 1,100 km long Yamal – Ukhta section and along these directions: Ukhta – Gryazovets, Ukhta – Pochinki, Gryazovets – Yaroslavl and Gryazovets – Torzhok.
■ The overall distance covered by the new pipelines will be more than 2,500 km.
■ The new gas transmission system is reported to include 27 compressor stations with a total capacity of 8,600–11,600 MW and convey about 300 bcmpa of gas from Yamal Peninsula fields.
■ The total average length of line pipe will be 12,000–15,000 km.

The creation of the new gas transmission system will contribute to a large-scale reconstruction of the existing UGSS (Unified Gas Supply System) of Russia.

4. Top-Priority Projects

■ The top-priority development project on Yamal, is the Cenomanian-Aptian deposits of the Bovanenkovskoye field, where the gas production is estimated at 115 bcmpa and is likely to be increased up to 140 bcmpa in the long term.
■ Ongoing preparation for the launch of operational wells drilling.
■ Pipe laying is performed by an avant-garde pipelaying vessel, designed for offshore gas pipeline construction alongside it is specifically upgraded for operation in Baidarata Bay.
■ In October 2006, the Management Committee of Gazprom decided to initiate the construction of gas transportation system and the investment stage of the Bovanenkovskoye field. The development of the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas trunkline system was commissioned in the 3rd quarter of 2012.
■ Between the period of 2007-2008, the construction work progressed on certain facilities of the Bovanenkovskoye field, that includes sanitation & epidemiology, fire protection, production & transportation infrastructure, life support, environmental safety and industrial bases.
■ In 2008, 29 facilities were planned to be brought onstream, viz. Well overhaul bases, road management, power lines, operational services, power plant for internal needs and so on.
■ In 2008 nearly 40 km of concrete coated pipes were designed for the operating pressure of 11.8 mpa and laid during the summer navigation season.

5. Utilization of New Technologies

■ Application of heat-insulated pipes for the construction and operation of wells, in order to prevent permafrost rocks thawing.
■ Utilization of an integrated production infrastructure for extracting gas from the Cenomanian-Aptian deposits.
■ Application of the new energy saving equipment that has an efficiency coefficient equivalent to 36–40%.
■ Significant reduction in the number of monitoring wells.

6. Activities for Environmental Care

■ Wise utilization of water recycling systms
■ Elaboration of eco-friendly regimes
■ Sustained environmental monitoring
■ Planning of special-purpose and technological activities

Hence, it is evident now that the Yamal project is flourishing at a fast pace with a number of advancements and activities in a number of sectors. This is the reason that is attracting the major organizations to associate with this project. But one of the major issues that the companies are facing for contributing their part in the project is the non-familiarity with the Russian language.

Problems Encountered By Companies

■ As the Yamal project is located in Russia, therefore the engineers, manufacturers, construction personnel and the other various professionals are versed in only the Russian language. This develops as the communication barrier between the Russian professionals and the professionals belonging to other country.
■ Moreover, the sub-contractors are not skilled enough to communicate in Russian language.

Thus, it became very difficult for many companies to direct their activities in an appropriate manner. This result into the need for availing error-free Russian translation that boasts of the potential to translate all the business documents into Russian language. Here lies the point, where the ‘TridIndia translation services’ come into action!!

Role of TridIndia in Yamal Project

TridIndia is a reputed translation firm that plays a significant role in providing authentic Russian translations to various companies, thereby assuring the smooth run of the Yamal project. Boasting of exceptionally talented team of Russian translators, we have already provided Russian translations for numerous certificates and other business documents to some of the leading companies associated with the said project. Not only the companies, but also the subcontractors dealing in the project have been a part of our flawless Russian translations.

Authentic Translations till Date

Till date, we have translated a number of documents for the Russian Yamal project, including the following:

Technical documents

Engineering documents

■ Safety manuals, installation manuals


Oil and gas documents

Official letters signifying the association of companies with the Yamal project

Never-Ending Endeavor for Yamal Project

Since we are fortified by a talented team of Russian linguistic experts, engineers and ex-defense personnel, therefore we are guided by our constant never-ending endeavor to fulfill all the translation requirements of the Yamal project. Since the execution of the project, our team has rendered quality Russian translations to ‘n’ number of hi-end companies and will continue the same for the rest of the years.

Reach us at [email protected] or contact us at +91-8527599523 for a quote on our timely translation solutions.


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