You Will Never Purchase a Dumb ‘Smartphone’ Using These Tips

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Every other day, a new smartphone is launched in the market. But, you would obviously not want to purchase a dumb smartphone that is smart just for the namesake. So, next time, whenever you plan to buy a smartphone for yourself or anyone else, make sure that you check the phone on few parameters.

These parameters or say tips are very essential to gain value for your money. Here are some tips:


First of all it is important to consider your budget. Limiting to your budget is necessary. Do not go for a phone that does not fit in your budget. But, this does not mean that you should not look at the latest innovations. Some smartphones with latest technology can be available at better prices.

Screen Resolution and Size

Depending on your needs and preferences, you must go for a large or small screen size or resolution. When you are looking for resolution, pay attention to the specifications for pixels-per-inch. The more, the better. However, in modern smartphones, the resolutions are greatly acceptable. Another thing that you must look at is the AMOLED or IPS LCD display.


People generally look for a platform, like Android, Windows and iOS. Android is considered to be more customizable. iOS is stable and secure and windows compatibility is unmatched.


Look at different specifications, like the camera quality and its battery life. This is very important to check stringently, as it determines the performance of the phone.

So, start your shopping today, but don’t forget to keep line with such parameters.

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