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You cannot make your videos accessible to multilingual audiences if it is not in their local language. This is where you need quality dubbing solutions for seamless viewing. Go through our guide to understand how our native artists do dubbing with perfection.
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Dubbing Process

Our Workflow – 7 Steps to Deliver Effective Dubbing

If your movie or a music video was the biggest on the various platforms, you may be thinking the releasing the same in a different language to make it famous globally. In that case, localizing a video can be difficult. This is why you need a company that can handle your requirement professionally and provide quality dubbing for your media content. Being the leading provider of effective dubbing solutions, we ensure your message makes a huge impact in global markets. Here is how we carefully and professionally handle the dubbing project.

Step1. Request a Free Quote: If you are seeking our quality dubbing by professional voice actors, just request a quote from us.

Step2. Get a Quote Faster: Your request will be received by our responsible project coordinator. He/she will go through your requirement, prepare a quote with pricing and turnaround time and send you a quote.

Step3. Prepare a Script: Once our project coordinator will receive the final confirmation from your end of availing of our dubbing solutions, he/she will check with the native translators to translate and prepare a new script in your requested language(s).

Step4. Assigning Pro Dubbing Actors: Once the script is ready in the target language(s), our project coordinator will look for dubbing actors who are experienced, skilled and have the ability to take up the roles in the preferred language. Once he/she will shortlist the suitable dubbing artists, he/she will guide them so that they achieve the correct tone and assign the dubbing task to them.

Step5. Recording the Dub: The dubbing voice actors will first listen to the actors they’re dubbing over. Then, the actors will read their lines while viewing the same point in the original video. They start recording while staying connected to the narrative and ensuring that every line has its appropriate place in the story.

Step6. Quality Control: Once the dubbing is recorded for the given video, our quality control team will listen to the recording to ensure that the recording should sound as natural as it did in the actual language.

Step7. Final Delivery: Once the recording is checked, the final file in the requested format will be submitted to the client.


Don’t Let Worst Dubbing Fail to Engage Your Target Audiences

Are you aware of the consequences of the worst dubbing? Your business will face criticism for getting video wrongly dubbed.

Dubbing involves a large number of implications. Most of the time characteristic parts of the dialogue, like jokes, are not get properly dubbed – which is to great extent failed to retain the original sound version. And problems related to inaccurate script translation, several movies have also been criticised for reckless dubbing, such as awkward dialogue and poor lip-sync, which can lead to horrible results. The reason behind this may be sometimes is the unprofessional dub actors and often there may be different factors, such as the rhythmical differences between languages.

It is evident that several audiences choose to hear dialogues in their local language, which makes quality dubbing highly in demand, As a leading professional dubbing company, Tridindia has a big network of talented dubbing artists who have extensive knowledge in this field to deliver perfect recording in a plethora of regional and foreign languages. From e-learning narration, blockbuster movies to TV shows, our dubbing translates original content into different language versions that rapidly connect with each culture.

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