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Engaging multilingual audiences through your single language video content can be a bit challenging. To convey your message to the global marketplace, you need professional voice over solutions that can really make a difference to your audio-visual content.
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Voice Over Process

Our Workflow – 7 Steps to Deliver Flawless Voice Over

If you’re a production company working on a web series, television series, or film, a quality voice over is the ideal way to bring your audio/video content to a target audience while holding all of its essential emotional impacts. For entertainment videos, educational videos, etc. voice over is the finest way to capture the entire original content’s intent and convey the best suitable message. Tridindia hires professional translators and voice over artists in order to create the flawless script, holding up any cultural nuances as well as the right tone of the original content and presenting a final localized video to you.

Step1. Request a Quote Now: If you are in of voice over solutions that fulfil your requirements, instantly request a quote from us.

Step2. Get a Quote Instantly: Once our project coordinator will receive your request, he/she will go through your provided requirement, ready a quote and forward it to you by giving the right cost as well as turnaround time.

Step3. Ready a Script: Once our project coordinator will get a service request from your end, he/she will hire a vetted translator. The original script of the audio/video will be translated to the needed language ensuring the intended meaning remains the same.

Step4. Cast a Voice Actor: After the script is prepared, our project coordinator will cast a suitable voice actor who has a good understanding of your industry and is equipped with the right style, pronunciation, and tonality for your project.

Step5. Recording Voice Over: The selected voice artist work is keenly supervised by our project coordinator. The process is a bit time consuming, as it requires the right lip and time sync with the video/audio. Our voice actors will surely create the best possible match between sound and sight. After that, dialogue mixing/editing is completed and the speech, pace, volume levels, pitch, as well as expression are well-adjusted, as needed.

Step6. Quality Control: Once the voice over is done for the given video/audio, our team of quality analysts will check the recording for any remaining errors.

Step7. Final Delivery: After undergoing our quality control process, we deliver the voice over project as soon as possible, in the selected format.


Don’t Let Bad Voice Over Fail to Attract Viewers or Listeners

Do you know a poor quality voice over can sound annoying and can easily make the audience avoid watching or listening to your video or audio right away?

To record a top-notch professional voice over, you require supreme diction, suitable microphone technique, a flexible voice style, and extensive knowledge you can’t learn overnight. This is why you need to hire a talented voice over artist to execute your script perfectly, representing your brand how you want.

Tridindia is a prestigious company where your voice over needs will get fulfilled by our voice over artists. We have a strong team of highly skilled linguists and versatile voice order artists who will deliver the engaging voice-over performances that your target audience will surely appreciate. Our professional voice over artists has the ability to modify the volume, tone, personality, as well as intensity of their voice based on the voice over’s purpose. So, whether your project is informational, commercial, or entertaining, we will provide you with comprehensive voice over solutions where our voice over experts will handle it with the same approach.

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