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Are you targeting a local audience but the language of your product promotion video is not easy to understand? If this is the case, then adding a caption is the ultimate solution to help them know about your product by reading about it on the screen. This visual aid is also helpful for viewers with hearing impairment.
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Why You Should Invest in Punjabi Captioning in India?

Punjabi is the 9th most-spoken language in the world and the 4th most-spoken language in England as well as Pakistan. Around 130 million people in the world communicate in Punjabi, and it (obviously) stands as a quite crucial and exciting language in the world today. With a large population fluent in speaking Punjabi, business owners should not ignore it as a local language and find a way to market in the same language.

Video is rapidly overtaking every form of content as the best way to attract and engage viewers. There is a large number of people who are watching videos on Facebook daily and one-third of every online activity is spent viewing the video. It’s no longer a question of just how strong video is, but being a marketer what you can do to make your video content quite effective in reaching suitable people. One extremely simplest approach you can do to boost your video’s power? Include captions! Video captions are the written text that’s displayed on a video representing the audio part of that video. They can assist with clarifying what’s being said and are either open, implying that they’re always in view as well as cannot be turned off by the viewer, or closed, which means that they can be turned on or off.

What We Offer in Punjabi Captioning in India

Speaking Punjabi is not just limited to India but also it is spoken in many different countries. Suppose that if your short movie is in English, you can add captions in the Punjabi language and help them enjoy the film. This is the most convenient and easy method. At Tridindia, we don’t just deal with clients from the entertainment industry but also we have several years of experience in writing appealing and accurate captions for diverse industries. Here is the list of different captioning services that we offer.
  • Punjabi Closed Captioning
  • Punjabi Webcast Captions
  • Punjabi Open Captioning
  • Punjabi e-Captioning
  • Punjabi Audio Captioning
  • Punjabi Video Captioning
  • Punjabi Language Captioning
  • Punjabi Offline Captioning
  • Punjabi Voice Captioning
  • Punjabi Multilingual Captioning
  • Punjabi Broadcast Captions
  • Punjabi Industry Captioning
  • And Many More…
We take every requirement equally but make a work plan based on the complications involved in that particular captioning. With our enthusiastic and dedicated team of captioners, we are always up for taking up the challenges to prove that we are proficient in whatever we do. Tridindia;’s all forms of captioning services are available at affordable rates. So, send your requirement now and get the best for your money.

Benefits of Outsourcing Punjabi Captioning Services in India to Us

The in-house captioning involves a lot of challenges for businesses, specifically when there is a need to invest in highly expensive software. Also, you need to invest a great amount to offer specialized training to your employees. However, you can save a lot of money by simply outsourcing the services to the trusted captioning company i.e. Tridindia.

Quality Assurance

When you outsource to Tridindia, we ensure that you will get the best-quality Punjabi captions customized based on your needs. Whether your project is a short film, a training video, or a presentation video, you will get the best result.

Professional Captioners

When you choose Tridindia, we ensure that your project will get assistance from professional captioners who will create accurate captions for you. They will ensure that the captions will match the video and are readable.

Quick and Accurate Translation

Adding accurate captions in your video makes it more valuable and attracts a great number of views. At Tridindia, we work on your requirements and provide you quick and accurate captions.

Secure and Confidential

Your files including videos and newly created captions are kept completely secure because we know what security means to you. We don’t allow anyone to access files without permission.

From normal people to individuals with hearing impairment, captioning is a great way to help them learn what your video is all about. So, promote your video not just locally but globally by adding captions. How do you achieve it? By outsourcing to Tridindia. We have employed skilled captioners who create outstanding captions that boost the accessibility of your video and increases viewers.

Why Choose Us

Partner with Tridindia and Include Rich Punjabi Captions in Video

If you want to have an in-house team for Punjabi captioning, then you might face some financial challenges related to employee benefits, salaries, insurance, training, and a lot more. On the other hand, hiring a professional company like Tridindia needs you only to pay an affordable amount for a wide spectrum of services. We have a troupe of excellent captioners who will work on your project and deliver desired results. Here are some reasons to know why are we best.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

Tridindia has cost-effective language solutions to offer such that in case you need captions in a different language, we are skilled at it.

Native Expert

We have an adroit team of native expert captioners who are skilled and have immense experience in creating captions that match exactly with the video file.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

We promise that while creating Hindi captions, we maintain quality and accuracy levels so that your viewers clearly understand what is spoken in their native language.

Easy Project

We conduct easy project consultation in order to get more information about your business and know more about your requirements.


We are the best provider of certified Punjabi captioning services in which we make sure that the captions created have zero errors and match with the original content.

Fastest Turnaround

Our experts are committed to offering high-quality captions. So, they work at a fast pace to deliver work within the deadlines.
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    Simple Steps to Book Punjabi Captioning Service

    Captions make it simpler to capture your audience’s attention, as shown by the fact. Videos with captions have a greater viewing time. Here are a couple of steps to follow to place an order-

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