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Do You Need Permission To Translate a Book Or a Novel?

Do you wish to translate and publish someone else’s book or novel in different languages? Wait..!! It can be a case of copyright infringement. You must know that you need permission to translate a book or a novel in other languages, irrespective of your innocent motive behind the translation. So, if you wish to get […]
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How These Most Translated Children’s Books become Famous?

Language has always been obstacle at literature domain but nothing had stop these most translated children’s books in getting global fame through the implementation of accurate translation strategy. The problem was to solve linguistic barrier and challenge was to retain its original meaning. Biggest problem for any author is to maintain same level of feeling, […]
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Why Writers Availing Translation To Bring Out Their Books?

The problem that many book writers and authors face while dealing with multilingual readers is to bring out the sense of their book. There were several cases where wrong meaning got conveyed by readers of different language. This not only jeopardizes the creator branding but also hinders the career. Much literature is likely to lost […]
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