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Top 10 Interesting Facts About the English Language

English is a beautiful, funny and complicated language at the same time. That’s why we come up with the top 10 interesting facts about the English language to simply AMAZE you! Learning English truly offers a rewarding experience. From difficult spellings to words that depict the intense feeling you normally experience, each part of English […]
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Turkish to English Translation Services: Why Turkish to English Translation is Important for Business?

Want to lead with Turkish in the new market? This is possible when you opt for Turkish to English translation solutions. But, how does this benefit your business? Approximately 80 million individuals in the world speak Turkish natively, and many millions more speak it as a second language. Although the reason most businesses want to target this […]
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American English or British English: Does it Matter?

What is your English type? American English or British English. People often consider them the same but the reality is they both are different from each other in many ways. Let’s find out how? While American tourists travelling to the UK may feel relief because of no language barrier, But still there is a huge […]
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Do You Know About The Origin Of The English Alphabet

The Origin of the English Alphabet is quite fascinating and development of every letter of alphabet gas own story. Even though, English is spoken most, for some of the Non-English speakers, this language is one difficult language for you to learn. (Specifically for the people who choose to watch the movie with clear English subtitling to understand […]
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