is Google Translate An Accurate Translator Than Human Translator?

Humans cannot survive without communication and now, when we have avant-garde technologies, like Google translate to support cross-cultural communication, why stop socializing and communicating with people!! Right? Yes, obviously Google translate is a wonderful service that helps people communicate in multiple languages spoken around the world. But is that really effective? Scroll down to read […]
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Medical Industry Translation: Why Google Translation Is Futile?

When it comes to online method of translation then Google is certainly the famous one. Today we are discussing its reliability at medical translation industry i.e. finding out whether it can be trusted in medical field or not? Majority of machine translators are based on linguistic statistics that is further measured for translation output. These […]
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Comparing Work of Certified Translation VS Google Translator

There are plenty of online free tools are available for anyone to translate word into multiple languages but are they accurate enough? Superior work requires superior technique; though there are so many popular platforms such as Google/ Bing translate that could provide instant translation into multiple lingoes but sometimes they provide disappointing results hindering the […]
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Google to Get Narendra Modi Out Of the Criminal Search Line-Up

Google was working out measures to get Mr. Narendra Modi out of the line-up criminal photos that are served in searches for “Top 10 Criminals.” Google apologized for the misunderstanding or confusion caused by displaying Narendra Modi alongside the US mobster Al Capone. These results do not reflect Google’s opinions, said the California-based Internet titan. […]
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गूगल की सेल्फ ड्राइविंग गाड़ियाँ, ११ दुर्घटनाओं की साक्षी

गूगल ने कहा कि सेल्फ-ड्राइविंग गाड़ियाँ, जो कि इंसानों से तेज प्रतिक्रिया करने में सक्षम हैं, अभी भी अनचाही दुर्घटनाऔर अनहोनी से बच नहीं पा रहीं हैं। श्री क्रिस अर्मसन (गूगल ऑटोनॉमस कार प्रोग्राम के हेड) कहते है कि ‘कम से कम सात बार दूसरी गाडियों को ट्रैफिक लाइट पर पीछे से टक्कर लगी है। […]
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