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Can Technology Replace Human Translation? [In-Depth Analysis]

Technology has existed for many years and with its constant growth, it has brought the translation industry on the verge of change. Due to its effectiveness and rapidness, technology translation is estimated to forever replace human translators. But can it replace human translation? The simple answer is, no. Translation through technology is based on encoding […]
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What is Human Gujarati Translation and Why is it Important?

It’s the oldest form of translation, depending on complete human intelligence to convert one way of saying things to another. And while human translation comes in various flavors, it remains the most widely-used Gujarati translation method to this day. Do you want to know more about it? Then continue reading further. Only humans can perfectly […]
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Why Human Translation is Preferred For Effective Marketing?

The discussion on Human translator or Machine translator is a highly arguable topic enlightening several factors such as cost, accuracy, preferences, etc. If you think translation as a merely a process of changing text from one language to another then many people will prefer machine translation but if you add quality, correctness, credibility and several […]
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