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Translation and Localization: Is Localization A Differ Concept Than Translation?

Companies wishing to adapt their content to a new language usually get confused between two options: translation and localization. While both have the same purpose to modify your brand’s information according to the culture and language of your target audience, translation and localization have two different processes. The terms translation and localization are often used […]
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3 Major Localization Challenges To Overcome With The Help Of Technology

Whenever the matter is associated with localization challenges and technology, friction always prove to be the enemy in disguise. Creating content following the notion of global audience from beginning can reduce costs vastly. But, there are multiple organizations becoming overwhelmed during time to struggle and localize for getting behind concept. If performed manually, localization can […]
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Things To Consider While Hiring a Localization Partner

Do you know what to consider for when hiring a localization partner? Businesses around the world are thinking of creative ways to reach out to their international audience, and localization is one of the most effective techniques. Localization is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when expanding your business overseas. If […]
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What Is Localization, Who Needs Localization, And When?

Most of the time, localization is confused with translation. However, these terms have two entirely different meaning. For your question on What Is Localization, it can be answered as a procedure of adapting product or content to specified market or location, as per Globalization and Localization experts. Translation is a major part of Globalization and […]
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