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Translation and Localization: Is Localization A Differ Concept Than Translation?

Companies wishing to adapt their content to a new language usually get confused between two options: translation and localization. While both have the same purpose to modify your brand’s information according to the culture and language of your target audience, translation and localization have two different processes. The terms translation and localization are often used […]
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Localization Vs Translation: Which is a Better Option?

Often people get confused between translation and localization. They believe both of these tasks to be exactly the same, as they help in eliminating the language barrier across the world. Although, this belief is correct to some extent, it is not completely true. Translation and localization do facilitate effective communication among people from different linguistic […]
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How to Improve Your Online Presence With Localization?

Businesses that are trying hard to enter new markets through their website would likely have thought about localization due to the imperative benefits it provides in expansion. For a successful market entry, you need to think globally but act locally. So, now the question is how to improve your online presence with credible localization? To […]
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Localization Services in Philippines UK USA UAE: Why it is Beneficial For Your Business?

Ensure the success of your business in the international market through Localization Services in Philippines, United Kingdom, United state, United Arab Emirates. If your global business plan is focused on boosting market share, revenue, and your own customer base, localization will be highly required for your success. Localization will help to save you from falling […]
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How To Mobile Localization Helpful In Your Business?

In 2013 mobile users accounted for 15 percent of internet traffic, at present year 2016 we’ve witnesses the upsurge and now 56 percent of the internet traffic are mobile users. As per the CISCO report the same trend will continue and it has been predicted that by 2019 mobile traffic will rise to 13 fold […]
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